Saturday, April 3, 2010

More for Spring

Spring 10
Spring 11
Spring 12

Check out some blogs I've done recently -
Three's a Crowd
Christa Jeanne
Six Peas in a Pod
Dance in the Rain
Melissa Jo

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Layouts

Hey peeps! Let me know which design you'd like. First emailed, first served. Once a layout is requested, I take it off so no one else has the same layout as you.

Click on the image to see detail. I can change sentiments, add pictures, change colors or elements, whatever you'd like. I love working with photos, so don't be afraid to send them my way. I will make you a custom matching header to match your layout with your blog title and picture (if you'd like).

Email is
Spring 1

Spring 2

Spring 3

Spring 4

Spring 5

Spring 9

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blog Makeovers - Christmas/Winter

When I first started blogging, I wanted my blog to be special. I didn't want the same design as anyone else. It has taken me a couple of years to figure out all the things I wanted to do to get my blog exactly how I like it, so I would love to share that knowledge with YOU!

I love to help my friends with their blogs...I am NOT a pro, but I do know how to work around photoshop a bit, and I have amassed a huge collection of digital art to help me create individual designs. If you would like a blog update (FREE...I don't charge a cent! Most of the stuff I have I got for FREE!) please email me at

There are 2 options - You can add me as a blog author with admin privilages (so I can access your blog's html), or you can just give me your log-on info (most of my friends just do's easier and I will not use my power for evil :).

I just got my new photoshop last night (HUGE thanks to my friend Ben who got me a discount), and these are what I've come up for the Holidays so far in the last couple hours. First come, first served. If you choose one of these, I'll take it off so no one has the same background. On some I made quick headers just so you can picture what it will look like when I add your custom header.
Let it Snow
Happy Holidays
Holly with Picture (your picture!)
Just to show you that I can change the background paper in a snap
Merry & Bright

If you hate these, don't worry...I can do whatever you'd like. Let me know your vision, or show me a link of a design you like and what changes you'd like, and I can do just about anything if I have the right stuff. I wish I could show you all the digital stuff I have, but I can''s just too much!

Also, if you have photoshop (or gimp, which is free online and very similar), you can make your own backgrounds and headers! I am happy to help you in any way that I can. Here are helpful links & tips that helped me figure all this stuff out -

Kevin & - GREAT tutorials!
How to make a blog background
How to make custom titles
ALL her blog tutorials
Her Fonts...the BEST!

Blogger Buster - Favicons made easy (That little icon in the tab, usually an orange B for Blogger)

Good'n'Crazy - How to make a "textarea" box to share your button with others

Blogspot 101 - How to get rid of those annoying borders in minima

Shabby Princess - Free Downloads of Digital Art
(They also have kits that you can buy)

Kevin & Amanda - Freebies, including digital kits (Amanda is my idol!)

You can buy digital art EVERYWHERE and find tons of freebies just have to search. Google "digital kits" or "digital freebies" and stuff that like.

Or, if you want instant gratification, you can just go to Cutest Blog on the Block, Shabby Blogs, or any of the other free template sites. CBOTB also has great blog secrets.

These are the main ones I've used. There are tips to be found everywhere! They can still be a little confusing, so if you have any questions call or email me! I'm glad to help!

Hopefully you will now feel empowered now that you don't have to use the same old blogger templates or have the same template that everyone else got at cutest blog on the block (LOVE their stuff, great inspiration, but I get embarrassed when I have the same background as someone else, like we wore the same outfit to a party or something...silly, I know!).

And, of course, you can always PAY someone to give you a professional blog design. Yeah, it may cost you upwards of $20, but you get what you pay for, meaning these people know what they're doing! For the knowledge and expertise they have, they are not getting paid enough!

Happy Blogging!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Today's Batch

Some projects we made at Janis' Monthly Stampin' Up! Demo. Most were adaptations from Convention.
Such a cute little booklet using two baby envelopes and some paper! Easy!

This was a little too frou-frou bling-bling for me, but it was aninteresting technique sewing the ribbon.
This one was also cute...I love the color combo and I loved using the SU! Big Shot Die Cutter to get the bird and flowers. I want the Big Shot very much! Can someone lend me $270? ha ha
This was my fave...I love the atypical size.
This bookmark was very simple but impressive...I'm going to make a few of these!

Latest creations

A birthday card I made for Allie using the spotlight technique Janis demonstrated.
A bookmark for Carolina, whom Kim & I visit teach. She is a great gal!

I think this card is so not cute...I do not like the new sock monkey stamp from SU! But out of all the sock monkey cards, this is the cutest (even though that's not saying much! :)
Bookmarks for some gals in my congregation.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Random Cards, etc...

I wasn't sure how I would feel about this...I'm not into the whole cowboy thing. But I love the colors and all the detail we did...I learned some cool techniques.

Isn't this precious?

Most of these were projects at Janis' workshop Friday night. This one was my favorite! I love the color combination! It's a cute card that you can use to give gift cards or cash.

This one I made tonight for a wedding that I am going to on Saturday. I am in the middle of packing to move, and half of my craft stash is packed up, so I had limited resources. I think it turned out okay.

Recycled ribbon from a present! :)
This was a cool technique Janis taught us - cracked glass. Use Stampin' Up's glassy glaze about 4 times over an image, until it is thick and smooth. Then freeze it for about 10 minutes, take it out and IMMMEDIATELY bend it to get cracks in the "glass." So cool!

This is old, but in packing I had to throw it away (I have too much junk!) So I took a picture. :)
Graduation simple, and adorable!

This was a "pin" that we made. I would prefer that it was a pin...the mini-clothespin is awkward to use on a shirt unless you have a low collar. It's really cute though!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Birthday Card for Karly

I had a lot of fun making this; I used an idea I got from Janis at our last stamp club meeting, making a kind of oragami-cup-thingy (The technical term, of course :). The neat thing is there is a pocket that you can stick fun things in, like candy, tea bags, candles, whatever fits. I chose to make a bookmark, because I know Karly loves to read. I used all Stampin' Up! materials except for the ribbon and small heart.